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Join The Club

Joining the Permanent Jewelry Club offers several compelling reasons for individuals passionate in jewelry. Here are some key benefits and reasons why someone should consider joining the club:

Exclusive Benefits

Savings and Discounts

Free Birthday Charm

Exclusive Parties and Events

Host Your Own Private Event

Lifetime Membership

Membership in the Permanent Jewelry Club grants you access to exclusive benefits that are not available to non-members. These benefits include discounts, free birthday charm, and invitations to private parties and events. As a member, you receive special privileges and enjoy a sense of exclusivity within the permanent jewelry community.

The club offers a 10% discount on all chains. This means that as a member, you can save money on your chain purchases, allowing you to expand your permanent jewelry collection at a discounted price. The savings can be significant, particularly for those who frequently purchase chains or wish to explore different styles

Celebrate your special day in style with a complimentary charm during your birthday month. This thoughtful perk adds a personal touch to your membership and allows you to receive a special gift from the Permanent Jewelry Club to commemorate your birthday each year.

By joining the club, you gain access to exclusive parties and events organized by the Permanent Jewelry Club. These events offer unique opportunities to connect with fellow permanent jewelry enthusiasts, interact with skilled jewelry artisans, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and collections in the industry. These gatherings provide a sense of community and an immersive experience within the world of permanent jewelry.

As a member, you have the extraordinary privilege of hosting your own Private Permanent Jewelry Club Event. This exclusive opportunity allows you to curate a personalized event, whether it's a private shopping experience, a gathering with friends, or a celebration. Hosting your own event gives you a chance to share your passion for permanent jewelry and create a memorable experience for yourself and your guests.

Joining the Permanent Jewelry Club is a one-time investment. By becoming a member, you gain access to the benefits and privileges for a lifetime. This ensures that you can enjoy the perks of the club and stay connected with the permanent jewelry community for years to come.

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